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Join a community of veterinary professionals, master new skills, find support.

Get access to the RACE-approved continuing education you need to maintain your license, grow your practice, and better serve your clients and patients. All while finding support in a community of like-minded professionals.


Mental Health & Wellness

From coping mechanisms to how to support your staff, hear how other vets maintain their mental health.

Medical Know How

Expert-led sessions on new and emerging diseases, techniques, and patient care methods.

Professional Development

The knowledge you need to grow your practice and support your staff.

Why Vetcetera

A modern, user-friendly community designed for veterinary professionals.

Vetcetera provides veterinarians access to live and on-demand resources on topics not often covered in traditional continuing education, such as mental health and wellness techniques, business resources, client management and support, financial planning, and personnel best practices. Delivered through a modern, user-friendly interface, our inclusive online portal caters to different learning styles and busy experts by providing access to live webinars, on-demand videos, blogs, whitepapers, and more.

In demand topics. Live and on-demand lectures.

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World-class veterinarians, specialists, and experts with real-world experience.

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