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We take pride in serving the veterinary industry through test preparation and continuing education, expanding on the success of our VetPrep and VetTechPrep study platforms.


Across our platforms, we have built an engaged group of students, along with emerging and established veterinary professionals, who trust our offerings.


We provide partners with fullservice solutions to forge authentic connections. Thanks to our multiple channels for communication, we can customize any approach, ensuring brand engagement that lasts.

Target Professionals

We foster meaningful connections across the veterinary community.

Be part of the conversation.

Vetcetera Connect is a centralized learning hub where veterinarians, vet techs and support staff can access professional development resources. By partnering with us, brands can forge relationships today with the industry leaders of tomorrow.


of students say they would use a product in their profession or career that they had exposure to during their educational years.


of students said they use free downloads, clinics, handouts, and templates.

Everyone likes a little something extra.

Veterinary students and emerging professionals are actively building their range of trusted services and products. Make it easier for them to try yours with tailored offers and discounts through Vetcetera Perks.

Be part of someone’s professional journey.

In the veterinary industry, continuing education never stops. Our online platforms offer busy professionals the flexibility they need to update their skills without overwhelming their schedules. Partner with us to directly engage emerging and established members of the veterinary community.

300 - 500

registrants per session

Target Organizations

Access our extensive library of material suited for Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Technicians and Customer Service teams. New content added weekly.

Keep your team at the forefront of the industry.

Vetcetera Teams offers cost-effective solutions for vet teams and consolidated practices to meet their continuing education requirements. With flexible, accessible delivery, Vetcetera Teams is an affordable way to streamline your team’s professional growth.

You’ve made your graduates a promise. We can help you keep it.

Stay connected with your graduates throughout their professional development by partnering with Vetcetera Alumni. Our online platform provides RACE-approved continuing education, and an engaged community of like-minded professionals.

Developed by experts, our platform covers a broad range of subjects, including technical competencies, mental health strategies, and communication skills.


of VetTechPrep students pass the VTNE**


of VetPrep students pass the NAVLE*

Your students get a step ahead. You gain
valuable insights.

In a competitive educational marketplace, institutions are often judged on their graduates’ success. Vet Prep and VetTechPrep Institution are cost-effective and efficient ways to maximize student results and to elevate your institutional profile.

*Based on survey data from over 6500 VetPrep users who completed at least 80% of the program. **Rate applies to VetTechPrep users who completed more than 80% of the program.

VetPrep and VetTechPrep are the most trusted ways for students to prepare for their licencing exams.

Target Prep Students

When you lend a helping hand, people remember you.

We work with partners to develop customized programs–ranging from webinars to our popular trivia nights and boot camps–that engage veterinary students in unparalleled ways. By partnering with us to help students excel, brands can drive awareness and loyalty at the outset of an emerging professional’s career.

Our VetPrep and VetTechPrep study platforms are used by

over 85%

of veterinary students as they prepare for their licensing exams.


engagement rate (average click-through-rate across VetPrep and VetTechPrep subscribers)

Our reach. Your audience.

The Dose is a free service where both junior and senior veterinary students sign up to receive sample exam questions as they prepare to take either the NAVLE or VTNE. With an active subscriber base, the Dose lets partners directly engage with students right at the start of their careers.

Ready when you are.

Partner with Vetcetera today and build your customer base for tomorrow.