Dr. Niemiec is a 1994 graduate of the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Niemiec is a Board Certified Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry of both the American and European Veterinary Dental Colleges. In addition he is a Fellow in the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry. He is one of fewer than 10 veterinarians worldwide to hold all three of these certificates. Based on all these accomplishments, he is recognized as one of the leading authorities in veterinary dentistry. In addition to his advanced dental training, Dr. Niemiec received extensive post-graduate training in the field of anesthesia. As an advocate for improved understanding, prevention and treatment of disease, Dr. Niemiec lectures extensively at local, national, and international meetings. He is also the creator and director of the San Diego Veterinary Dental Training Center. In order to assist other veterinarians in providing optimal dental care, Dr. Niemiec founded the premier veterinary dental telemedicine website: vetdentalrad.com. Dr. Niemiec has authored or edited a dozen veterinary dental educational products. He has also authored numerous chapters in internal medicine textbooks as well as other dental books. In his spare time, Dr. Niemiec is an enthusiastic outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, fishing, skiing, and camping. He also enjoys time on the beach with his Labrador Retriever, Sage.

Dental Extractions

Regional Anesthesia in Small Animal Dentistry

Why Should You Incorporate Regional Anesthesia into Your Dentistry? Regional anesthesia is a critical method of pain management and is also known as local nerve blocks. When properly performed, regional anesthesia provides complete local analgesia, which markedly decreases minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) of inhalational anesthetics and improves recovery.  However, regional anesthesia is not without its…