Top 5 “Housekeeping” Tips for Vet Techs

Vet tech students concentrate on learning medical care, including animal physiology, anesthesia, and pharmacology. In practice, they also manage crucial “housekeeping” tasks—beyond actual cleaning—like paperwork, which keeps the veterinary clinic operational. While some practices have efficient systems for these tasks, others may require vet techs to develop their own methods for managing them. Following key…

Crucial Client Communication Strategies: A Guide for Vet Students

Effective client communication is crucial in veterinary practice. Veterinarians must not only possess medical knowledge but also be adept at conveying the importance of tests, procedures, and treatments to pet owners. Understanding and consent from clients are essential before any medical action can be taken. Thus, communication skills are as significant as medical expertise in…

Top 5 “Housekeeping” Tips for New Grad Veterinarians

In veterinary school, students focus intensively on medicine, learning deeply about animal physiology and diseases. However, once in practice, new vets often find that non-medical tasks take up a significant portion of their work. These tasks, ranging from organization to client communication, can be challenging until new routines are established. Tips for managing the “housekeeping”…

Managing Moral Distress

Naya, a veterinarian, experiences moral distress when a family chooses to euthanize their dog, Clara, due to chronic skin issues despite potential treatments. This incident highlights the challenge of ethical dilemmas in veterinary medicine and underscores the need for support and policy changes to help professionals navigate such situations.

VIDEO: How to Prepare for the Operating Room

Whether you’re a vet or a vet tech, stepping into an operating room for the first time may seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be! You already have all of the technical knowledge necessary to prepare an operating room successfully, but there are some nuances that you don’t want to forget. In this video, you’ll…

Motivating and Developing Your Team

Motivating and Developing Your Team

Dr. Charlotte Lacroix discusses the principles of using performance management programs (PMPs) to maximize team performance. She reviews the components of successful PMPS and provides tips for performance reviews and performance goal development. Course Handout Course Details

Going Beyond Compassion Fatigue

Going Beyond Compassion Fatigue

Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Life Coach Julie Squires provides a foundational look at compassion fatigue. She explores its impact on individuals and practices, and she discusses how to build resilience in veterinary medicine. She also provides information on self-care and adopting a positive mindset. Course Handout Course Details

Pride Month

Vetcetera, PrideVMC, and Not One More Vet Join for a Conversation about Gender Identity and LGBTQ+ Rights in the Veterinary Community

In honor of Pride Month, Vetcetera, a leading continuing education provider for the veterinary community and subsidiary of popular professional development company Edcetera, is proud to partner with PrideVMC and Not One More Vet for a special webinar presenting the Gender Identity Bill of Rights for the Veterinary Profession. Taking place on June 21, 2022,…